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about hOMetown


Elle Silvia (owner, E-RYT 500, YACEP) began practicing yoga in 2007 and has been teaching since 2011. She has over 600 hours of certification and training, more than 2,500 hours of teaching experience, and has created and led registered Yoga Alliance teacher training programs. She has a passion for anatomy, polyvagal theory and nervous-system science, and connecting to an understanding of something bigger than our individual selves.   

After closing her first studio in Pennsylvania, Clover Yoga, and moving to Rhode Island, Elle taught at and managed All That Matters in East Greenwich. After a pandemic, multiple local yoga studio closings, and the sudden passing of her younger brother, Elle could no longer deny her own and our collective need for community and healing. hOMetown yoga is a celebration and a practice in living from a place of love over fear.


After years of practicing yoga, Elle has come to understand there is no one "right" way to practice yoga, and many of us come to yoga from different perspectives and needs. 

At hOMetown, you'll find many different styles of yoga practice, from gentle and beginner-friendly to vigorous and hand-standing . No matter what brings you to hOMetown, whether it's physical health and fitness, stress-relief, mental health, community, spiritual exploration, all of these things, or none of these things, you are welcome here. 

"hOMetown yoga is a celebration and a practice in living from a place of love over fear."

A special shout out to my husband, Charlie. I could not have done this...cannot do this...without you. 

To my mom and dad, and my brothers, Brian and Will, for more than I can say.

To my daughter, Clover, for simply being herself. 

To all my yoga teachers, and their teachers, and their teachers - and on and on - for all I have learned and will continue to learn.

And to all of you, the hOMetown teachers and students, who make this community possible. Thank you.

With love & gratitude, 


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